4 paid iPhone apps now free for a limited time

We shared some paid apps for Android users which we are sure some are still available for free. Today, we are going to share with you paid iPhone. We have here on this page, 4 paid iPhone apps now free for a limited time. So, if you are an iPhone user, do not miss this opportunity to lay your hands on one. You may be lucky to find an app you have been looking for.

Paid apps for both Android and iPhone are usually premium versions which come with more advanced features. Also, most paid apps are Ad-free.

Download from this page Snap Markup annotation tool, LÒMÒGRAPH , Background colour, and Dotpass Password paid iPhone apps for free.

Download these 4 paid iPhone apps now free for a limited time

Grab the apps from the link below. But before that, take time to look at their features. Some of these apps may last only for a couple of days, whereas some just for a day.

1. Snap Markup annotation tool

4 paid iPhone apps now free for a limited time:Snap Markup
Snap Markup – Annotation tool

It markup or annotate the photo with various shapes and send them anywhere. Snap Markup provides various draw shapes like free draw, rectangle, triangle, line, arrow, circle, numbers, brazier curve, Blur effect, Focus, rotations, text and crop. It can help in any place where annotations are required for a photo.

The app is worth $1.99 on the Apps store and for the time being, you can download it for free.

What’s New in Snap Markup paid iPhone app now free?

  • Version HistoryNov 30, 2018 
  • Version 2.0
  • Added support for iOS 12.
  • Added support for the larger retina display on iPhone X, XS & XS Max.
  • Fixed the app crash issue while saving to photo gallery.

2. LÒMÒGRAPH  (Normally $1.99)

4 paid iPhone apps now free for a limited time: LOMOGRAPH

The app LÒMÒGRAPH Contains 1000+ wonderful random light leakage and filter effects, as well as many different colour date watermarks, photos of your daily life and travelling can be depicted as the most memorable moment. It can re-add the date watermark to the photos in your album, allowing you to regain your memories and record all the good times.

Want to get a stunning photo with touch? It simulates a real one-time camera. Your camera has pre-installed 8mm/35mm film, all date watermark or lenses are random. As long as you click repeatedly, you will add different filters, light leaks, and even more traditional films. It’s so simple and fast to take great photos! Enjoy it!

What’s New

  • Version 3.0 released on Jul 17, 2019 
  • Support the new iPad Pro.
  • Enjoy updated designs on iPhone XR/XS/XS Max.
  • New style filters, film, scratches, VHS retro graffiti.
  • Minor bug fixes & Improvements.

3. Background colour (Normally $2.99)

Background color
Background colour

Create beautiful wallpapers by 40 types of preset colour and customizable specified colour. Add calendar up to 2 months available as lock screen and home screen.

[Settings Screen]

  • Preset Color: Choose a favourite colour from 40 preset colours categorized 6 groups (iPhone, Jewel, Sky, Season, Nature, Solar System).
  • Gradation: Choose gradation colour (from Top Color to Bottom Color) or one colour by Gradation Switch.
  • Top Color/Bottom Color: Specify a colour by set Hue/Saturation/Brightness.
  • Vignetting: Specify a screen edge colour by set Opacity/Hue/Saturation/Brightness.
  • Calendar: Choose range (1 Month/2 Month) and a colour (Light Color/Dark Color).

[Preview Screen]

  • Preview: Check a preview of Lock Screen/Home Screen by tapping Preview Button on the upper right of the screen.
  • Save a Wallpaper: Save a wallpaper by tapping Preview Screen and “Save to Camera Roll.”
  • Available as a wallpaper: Available as wallpaper from the built-in app “Settings” > “Wallpapers” > “Choose Wallpaper” > “Camera Roll”, or from the built-in app “Photos”.

4. Dotpass password($1.99)

Dotpass password
Dotpass password

The DotPass is an app for generating and retrieving passwords. You enter a graphical pattern in a dot grid and a plain text seed word (like “facebook”, “work email” or whatever makes sense to you), and the app then generates a password based on this unique combination.

Tap the password to copy it, and if you’ve got Continuity/Handoff set up between your devices you can even paste in the password on your mac via the Universal Clipboard.

The idea is that a graphic pattern and plain seed words are much easier to remember than strong passwords. Any change in either pattern or seed word results in a completely different password. So you can decide on one pattern and reuse together with different seed words for different accounts, and get good different passwords for each account.

As long as you remember the pattern you’ve chosen and the plain text seed words for your accounts, you can get your passwords back. But unlike other solutions, your passwords are never stored on your device or sent into the “cloud”, so there is no password information in the app that can be stolen or lost.

  • All generated passwords contain numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters to fulfil common password criteria.
  • Select either 9 or 18 character passwords
  • For security, the app resets and clears any copied passwords from the pasteboard after use.

Also, here is also a macOS version of DotPass available in the Mac App Store. So you can easily access the same passwords on your mac as well.

Furthermore, to make these passwords secure you must, of course, keep your pattern and seed words secret, just as you would with your password. If you are worried about someone looking over your shoulder you can use the extra privacy features in the app to hide the pattern, seed or password after entry. For added security, the app automatically resets if left in the background more than a minute.

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