UPDATE: It’s official, Android Q will be called Android 10

Although Google just introduced the Android Pie OS(Android 9.0), and before many Android users could even get to experience its outstanding features, Google has made another significant update; – The Android Q in a beta state.

Users of the Google Pixel smartphone series can start using the beta version of the Android 10(Q). With the Android Beta for Pixel offer, Pixel users can try pre-release versions of Android Q and test-drive its new features. The feedback they provide will help identify and fix issues which will make the platform even better before its official release. Registered devices will automatically receive updates for the latest beta version of Android.

About Android Q

As we earlier implied, Android Q is the next version of Android OS, which is going to be succeeding Android Pie (Android 9). For the time being, the project is still at a beta state with it’s beta version already available for Pixel users.

To better the security of its users, Google has worked things out by adding extra privacy and security features coupled with the play protect function for users. This is, of course, a very vital measure taken to ensure that users privacy are not in any way infringed.

Android Q also comes with enhancements for foldable phones, new APIs for connectivity, new media codecs and camera capabilities, NNAPI extensions, Vulkan 1.1 support, faster app startup, and more.

Android Q release date

android q beta
Android Q beta

The official version of Android Q is said to be available by August this year according to leaks and information going around the net. As earlier mentioned, this beta 1 version of the Android Q can be downloaded already by Pixel Phone users. So, Pixel phone users already possess the privilege to test this beta version and provide their feedbacks for more improvements before the official version is being released.

What features are we going to be having on Android Q?

A lot is already expected from Google in regard to this new system update. That been said, there are already some well-known awesome features spotted from the Google developer blog. Below are some of the features you might want to experience right away:

  • Foldables:
Android Q foldable screen

One of the big features for this new update is the support for foldable phones. This particular update is aim at developers. Developers will be able to do back-end changes, that will help make their Apps ready to rin smoothly on big and foldable screens. To help Apps take advantage of your large or foldable top dollar screen devices, a series of improvements in Android Q have been made, including changes to onResume and onPause to support multi-resume and to notify your app when it has focus. How the resizable activity manifest attribute works have also been changed in the Android Q to help users manage how their app is displayed on foldable and large screens.

  • More enhanced privacy control:

Unlike in the previous versions of Android OS where access to some features is being granted only during the initial launch of Apps, Android Q, features like location access for apps can now be allowed all the time. The authorized Apps, however, will only be able to access a users location only when it is in the foreground. With this new feature, users have more control over when apps can get their location. In prior versions of the OS, apps can only get location once the user grants permission at first launch. If the user refuses at the initial launch, the verdict is final.

android q privacy settings
Android Q privacy Control

Location access by apps and access to other features are set separately on Android Q. Also, Apps are being prevented from launching an Activity while in the background. To compensate for the later users can instead use the high priority notification to provide full-screen intent.

  • Improved sharing menu

In Android Q, Google has work things out to improve on the sharing speed when you are sharing a file or a link from one app to another. As such, users can easily jump into another app when sharing contents and users will be able to see exactly what they are sharing for a start, at the top of the Share sheet.

android q sharing menu
Now You Can see exactly what you are sharing
  • System settings easily accessible

In Android Q, you won’t have to jump over to Settings and back again. Apps are now able to request for specific settings to appear in a floating window, which means you can get back to what you were doing more easily without having to leave the app.

Access system without leaving an app
  • Connectivity

With Android Q, Wi-Fi sharing via QR code is now possible. With such a feature, no need trying to remember your Wi-Fi password when sharing your connection among friends.

android q wifi qcode scan

In addition to the randomized MAC addresses that Android Q provides when connected to different Wi-Fi networks, Google has added new Wi-Fi standard support, WPA3 and Enhanced Open, to improve security for home and work networks as well as open/public networks.

  • Other cool features

There are plenty other features which have been spotted on the Android Q that have not been elucidated here. Some of the features include;

  • Deep access to photo effect
  • Desktop mode
  • Dark mode
  • Notch and corners supported screenshots
  • More notification options
  • No back button

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