Oneplus 7: What would it look like? Live photo leak

by on February 19, 2019, 12:47 pm
oneplus 7 leak live

UPDATE 20/04/2019: Oneplus 7 and Oneplus 7 pro launch date has been confirmed by the company’s CEO. You can read more about it from here

Oneplus is going all out this time with the Oneplus 7 leaked to have a notchless body and high screen to body ratio. Plus, no notch look-alike, a.k.a camera punch holes.

Oneplus fan base had a huge increase last year beacause, Tmobile officially launch the first Oneplus smartphone, Oneplus 6T in the states, thereby making the Oneplus 6T reachable to more customers. This year, it looks like Oneplus intend to use beauty to capture more users attention.

Today, a famous leaker, known as slashleaks tweets a live picture of the oneplus 7

Interestingly enough, no front camera is present anywhere on the picture. This might confirm the previous rumor suggesting a pop-up camera for the Oneplus 7.

Like always, the is always a flip-side. Oneplus made it’s name quickly by selling flagship smartphones at cheap prices, but over the years, their prices has been increasing constantly. While their smartphones are still generally cheaper than the competition, this increases has bothered many Oneplus users.

If all rumors are to be believe, then we might see a steep price on the oneplus 7 at launch. Hopefully, it doesn’t get too crazy.

While rumors sometimes comes true and accurate, we would like to remind you that sometimes it’s possible that they might be wrong and misleading and they might just end up being rumors and nothing more.

Also, the One plus 7 won’t be equipped with 5g capabilities. Oneplus will launch another device with 5g network. It’s still unknown if both devices will be announce at the same time or if the 5g variant will be announce later in the year.

So what are your thoughts on the new design? Let us hear your opinion in the comment section. Oneplus 7 is set to to be announce in the first half of 2019.


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