OnePlus 7 Pro: 4 Unique Features

OnePlus 7 pro was Launch in London on May 14 and it came with some killer specifications as expected from OnePlus. In this article, we will be focusing on the top 4 features of the 7 pro, that you won’t find on any other smartphone. If you are more interested in the full Specifications of the OnePlus 7, you can head over to this article.

If you’re an owner or if you plan to get the OnePlus 7 Pro then these 4 Features will set you apart from any other smartphone user.

1. Universal Flash Storage 3.0

Universal Flash Storage(UFS) 3.0 was Introduced in 2018 and the 7 Pro is the first device to ship with it. Mind you that the first device with UFS 3.0 is the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Unfortunate, due to the events that occurred with some Youtubers Review units, Samsung Decided to delay its launch date.

That means that the 7 Pro is the only smartphone right now that is available to users with UFS 3.0

Why is UFS 3.0 such a big deal?

UFS 1.0 made its first appearance in early 2011 and it promised and delivered insanely high read and write speeds. Fast forward to 2016, UFS 2.1 was announced and it had nearly double the speed of UFS 1.0. Oneplus 7 Pro comes equipped with UFS 3.0 which has more than double the speed of UFS 2.1. The UFS 3.0 has a 1450 MB/s Bandwidth Per Lane were the UFS has just 600 MB/s and a massive 2900 MB/s Maximum Total Output where the UFS 2.1 have 1200 MB/s. You can read more about UFS 3.0 from here

UFS 3.0 will increase gaming experience on Onpelus 7 pro
UFS 3.0 will increase gaming experience on Onpelus 7 pro

What does this translate too? Well, with the help of the UFS 3.0 storage under the hood, the OnePlus 7 Pro will have much faster Apps Launch time, better 4k and/or 8k video recording experience, better gaming experience, much faster transfer speed with a Computer and as a result, better battery management. That said lets head over to the second feature only the OnePlus 7 Pro has.

2. OnePlus 7 Pro Display

OnePlus took a page from Samsung’s playbook this year and decided to go with a curved Panel for their Flagship but what makes the 7 Pro display unique? the 90 Hz refresh rate. Hold On, before you let me know how dumb I am in the comments, hear me out. There are other devices with even more than 90 Hz. Take for example the Razor Phone 2 has 120 Hz refresh rate display.

The 7 Pro doesn’t only has a 90 Hz screen, but the screen is also an OLED Panel which OnePlus is calling a Liquid Amoled display. That’s right, till now, all other smartphones with higher than 60 HZ refresh rates, all come with an LCD screen. Expect a smooth and addictive experience when using the 6.67 inches 1440p OLED 90 Hz Display on the OnePlus 7 Pro.

3. Zen Mode

Have you ever caught yourself wanting to take a nap during your break but you can’t because you can’t put your phone down? or you know you have to rush out for something but you stay indoors because you can not get enough of your smartphone? Well, with Zen Mode now you can.

Oneplus 7 Pro's Zen Mode
Oneplus 7 Pro’s Zen Mode

Zen Mode is a feature in the OnePlus 7 Pro that once turn on your phone will sit unusable for 20 minutes without you being able to interact with it, or you even being able to stop the Zen Mode until the 20-minute count down elapses. All you can do during Zen Mode is make an emergency call.

4. OnePlus 7 Pro Speed/OxygenOS

Galaxy S10 plus vs Onpelus 7 Pro benchmark test
Galaxy S10 Plus vs Onpelus 7 Pro benchmark test

In recent years, all smartphones are relatively fast but OnePlus gives the word “Speed” a new definition. OnePlus devices have always been considered the fastest smartphones in their time thanks to their OxygenOS. OxygenOS is a refined stock android experience created by OnePlus to give their OnePlus series its own separate identity from other Android devices. The 7 Pro has a lot going for it this time around which makes it extremely faster than today’s standard. With OxygenOS, 90 HZ refresh rate, Liquid Cooling, 12gb or ram, Snapdragon 855 and 6.67 inches all-screen Liquid Amoled Display, you are in for a truly immersive experience.

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