OnePlus 7 Pro Specs Leaks in Geekbench

by on May 1, 2019, 1:25 pm
oneplus 7 pro

Year after year, OnePlus keeps proving that the OnePlus line up is not your average budget devices, and that the is no reason for you to spend a $1000 for a – flagship – experience. If you haven’t believe in OnePlus all this while, then the OnePlus 7 pro specs on Geekbench right now can change your mind.

Oneplus 7 pro makes its debut today on Geekbench with Model Number GM1917, with an impressive specifications, something we have come to expect from the budget kind. let’s take a look at the image below before we continue.

OnePlus 7 pro GM1917 Geekbench score

OnePlus 7 pro GM1917 Geekbench score

This listing on Geekbench confirms that, the Oneplus 7 pro will be the Company’s first device with 12gb of ram. This will make the OnePlus 7 pro the 10th device so far to come equipped with 12gb of ram. Apart from ram, the 7 pro will also feature a Snapdragon 855, Android 9 Pie with OnePlus’s
OxygenOS on top of it.

OxygenOS makes OnePlus devices faster than most other Android and this listing confirms it. With a single score of 3551 and a multicore score of 11012, OnePlus beats Samsungs Galaxy S10 which only manages a multicore score of 10387.

OnePlus 7 Pro Specs Leaks in Geekbench 1
Oneplus 7 Pro case render

The OnePlus 7 Pro Display

OnePlus will not save on production cost when it comes to the display this year. The 7 Pro’s display will allegedly come with today’s high-end standard Quad HD Amoled Screen, a 90hz refresh rate display.

An interview with India Today Tech, OnePlus CEO said that Oneplus will weight more on smoother user experience rather than a faster UI that other Oneplus devices where aim at. You can see evidence of this with 90hz refresh rate. A display with 90hz rate will give more smoother user experience than other devices with a traditional 60hz screen. That said you can read more about the display in our previous post.

OnePlus 7 proLaunch Date and where to watch

The 7 and 7 pro are expected to be announce on the 14 May. The company made it official with a teaser video on their YouTube Channel. You can also watch the live event on the same official YouTube Channel


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