Samsung Galaxy S11 will have a 120hz refresh rate display

The high refresh rate on smartphone screens is now becoming a growing trend as many smartphone users are now saying goodbye to the 60Hz refresh rate of yesteryears. With many smartphone manufacturers, including Google, Oneplus, Asus, etc. embracing this new trend, Samsung and Apple are still lacking behind.

Samsung recently launched Its One UI beta 2 for the Galaxy S10, S9, and Note 9, and with this update comes a hidden clue that suggests the Galaxy S11 will feature a 120hz refresh rate display.

A Samsung Galaxy Note 9 user after updating his smartphone found this hidden setting to set his smartphone to a 120hz refresh rate.

Can’t read Chinese? the setting menu with a back button reads “High refresh rate,” while the next words with an off-and-on toggle say ” in use.” The following words that appear under the two smartphone pictures read “120Hz refresh rate makes screen scrolling smoother than 60Hz. The motion on the screen feels more realistic.” Lastly, the two options below that say “Best display. Maintains 120Hz refresh rate for smoothest response Please support the display. Battery usage than usual many.” and “Battery saving mode. Depending on the selected app and on-screen content, the refresh rate is 60Hz and Automatically changes between 120 Hz to save battery. I have it.” Obviously, my Chinese isn’t perfect.

Of course, even with these settings, Note 9 can’t use a 120Hz display because it does not come with the hardware to support it, but this proves that a future Galaxy smartphone will. The Galaxy S11, maybe?

This hidden setting is there for a reason. It shows that Samsung is working(if not already done) on a 120Hz display, and that’s why the upcoming settings were accidentally pushed to the Galaxy Note 9. Since as Samsung usually makes displays for Apple’s Ipnones, we might be seeing a 120Hz on next year’s iPhones as well.

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