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Samsung’s midrange tablet spotted on geekbench

At the end of last year 2018, the was rumors of Samsung working on a mid-range tablet. Today Geekbench added to the rumor by displaying specifications of the alleged tablet on their website.

Last year we heard rumors suggesting a 32gb internal storage, with black and grey color options. Today, Geekbench’s leak result certified that the midrange tablet would be equipped with 3gb of ram, an Exynos 7885 will power the device while android 9 pie will boot up the alleged tablet.

The above specs are very impressive, keeping in mind that this device is dedicated to users who are on a tight budget.

Geekbench’s Result

The midrange tablet with model number sm-p205 did perform as expected with its processor, giving a single score of 1329.

Next is the multi-core performance. The sm-p205 gave a peek multi-core score of 4157, which again is a respectable score for a budget tablet.

A hidden hint to an S-pen integration.

The model number sm-p205 sure hint to an S pen integration because of the letter “P” in it.

This is because probably all the previous Samsung’s tablet with a letter “P” in the model number came with an S pen. This includes previous tablets like the SM-P580, SM-P585, SM-P350, SM-P355, etc. which all had the S pen functionality. While this is generally a good thing, it is very likely that an included S pen will bump the prices up, breaching the price gap between “midrange” and “flagship.”

That said it’s unlikely that this device will be announced alongside the S10 series on February 20th, but we are likely to see purchasable sm-p205 soon.

Let us know in the comments, are you going pick one up when available? Or do even care about a midrange tablet?

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