Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch full specs and release date

by on January 26, 2019, 8:54 am

Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch will be called Galaxy Watch Active according to new leaks, and they are expected to be announced on the 20th of February alongside the Galaxy S10 series in San Francisco.

The smart watch is expected to have rotating bezel just like the previous Galaxy Watch.

Under the hood, the Galaxy Watch Active will boot up using Samsung’s proprietary operating system known as Tizen 4.0. With Tizen, expect Samsung’s Bixby as your assistant to carry out your voice commands, and all the new goodies which comes alongside the newly refined Bixby.

The upcoming smart watch Will come in a variety of colors which include, black, silver, green and pink in gold.

Also, previous leaks dictates that the Galaxy Watch Active will be equipped with 4gb of rom.


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