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The OnePlus 7T design revealed officially ahead of Sep 26th event

The OnePlus 7T is to be released this month as the next flagship of OnePlus. As what the device will look like, OnePlus has officially revealed the design of the OnePlus 7T ahead of September 26th event.

OnePlus revealed that they will be holding an event on September 26th to announce the new flagship — the OnePlus 7T on the 26th of this month. In addition to this, they have shared information about the design. This unveiling of the design of their upcoming flagship is what the company has never done before.

The OnePlus 7T design revealed

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau posted on the OnePlus forum sn early look of the phone. The design of the OnePlus 7T will look much more like the design from the previous leaks. As always.

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It comes with a new circular rear camera module that features a triple-camera system. Also, it gives a good look at the new blue colour gradient, which the OnePlus CEO Pete Lau describes as a “smooth matte surface with a brilliant metallic radiance.” But, the backglass doesn’t look all that different from the Nebula Blue OnePlus 7 Pro.

OnePlus 7T design revealed

Furthermore, he also gave more insights into the triple camera. Pete Lau said,

“To convey the superior quality and effortless versatility of our Triple Camera setup, finding an elegant balance between the three unique lenses. With perfect symmetry from any orientation, a circular design became the natural choice. A circle’s rounded edges produce an appealing contrast against the straight lines of a smartphone’s rectangular form for a seamless, balanced feel. After going through over fifty design iterations, we think we’ve landed on something pretty special “.

Also, leaks from a Twitter user Ishan Agarwal reports the exact specs for those three cameras. From the leak it has a 16MP 17mm ultra-wide-angle camera with a 117-degree field of vision; a 48MP 26mm wide-angle lens at f/1.6; and a 12MP 51mm telephoto lens at f/2.2 with 2x optical zoom.

Indeed, the OnePlus 7T is also expected to ship with a 90Hz AMOLED display, Snapdragon 855+ processor.

The design from OnePlus CEO does not give any info on how the from the look of the phone is though, So, all that will be discovered once the phone is released.

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