The Real reason Apple Never had an October Event this 2019

So today’s Apple is making some business move that nobody would have thought it was possible a few years back. Apple now makes some weird yet strategic and calculative decisions, on how they price and release new products. For example, the iPhone 11 is an upgraded iPhone Xr, but then it was price cheaper than the XR. Also, Apple never had an October event this year.

Why was there no October event? Well, it turns out Apple has decided to quietly release some lesser-known products without having a press conference with the media to see if they can achieve the same amount of sales without spending the extra budget for a conference. Clever right?

Tech YouTube Star Jon Prosser shared this tip from his exclusive source.

According to his source, Apple is hoping that launching new products without having an “Event” will still result in roughly the same amount of sales figures with the help of a News outlet and YouTubers.

That is why Apple quietly launch the Airpods Pro in October without the usual October Event. It’s the same reason the MacBook pro-16-inches was silently released yesterday.

However, this is still an experiment, and Apple will probably result in its “Events” if News outlets do not provide the company with enough organic News coverage to guarantee good sales.

That said, still expect Apple Events when it comes to some major Apple releases, like the launch of a new iPhone.

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