Zuckerberg plans to merge Facebook Messager, Whatsapp, and Instagram. What does this mean?

The current C.E.O of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg plans to integrate the core coding of Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook Messager, to unify them to become one platform so that, they could all interact with each other seamlessly.
According to anonymous sources speaking with The New York Times, Zuckerberg has assigned developers of all three platforms to work together into achieving this goal by the year 2020.

How does this affect you?

Well, users of any of the three platforms will be able to text, message or call (where available) each other regardless of the application they are using. To break it down further, imagine you have only Whatsapp installed in your smartphone. Still, you can text someone who has only Instagram installed in his/her smartphone. That is correct, you won’t need to install all three apps in your smartphone to communicate with friends and family using any of the three services.

On the contrary, an Instagram user will be able to chat with a Whatsapp or Messenger user and vice-versa.

Two things to note:

  • All three apps would still be standalone
  • You will need to install all three apps to interact with individual apps. For example, you need Instagram to view pictures from followers, Whatsapp to see Whatsapp statuses and Messenger for its statuses.

The goal for this merger is make social media users turn to Facebook properties (as Facebook do own all three sites) for their text, calls, etc. Instead of going to rival sites. This is especially true because most social media users are already using at least one of the three services.

Developers are also required to take security as a priority, by including end-to-end encryption across all three sites. Due to the recent scandals Facebook has been involved in recently, we’re expecting nothing less.


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