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With many attempt and failure for the past years, spicegadget came online in late 2018 with one thought in mind, to be the first to provide trending smartphone news and deals in the following categories. Smartphones are our primary category. We cover all smartphone news in android and also. We cover follow up stories, announcement dates, launch dates and many smartphone related stories that may come up


As the name will suggest, here in spicegadget we cover all leaks and rumors as they come up. Be it leak photos or speculation on twitter or across the web


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About Admin

Hi everyone, my name is Morfaw Ngosong Neville and i am 28 years old. Since I was a kid I kept following and reading news about tech that I knew I would probably never be able to afford and it took a lot of laughter and negative comments from friends about my hubby for me to realised that I had something special that I could take to a new step. With that thought in mind, spicegadget was born.

Our team

Meet the Creative Minds behind SpiceGadget


Ngomba Victor


Currently located at Minnesota U.S. Refuses to touch any device without an Apple logo on it. His flashy lifestyle almost break our bank just to get him on the team. The first Smartphone he ever own is the initial Apple Iphone.


El Rene


Lives in Belgium. When he is not busy crafting a detailed article for us, he is travelling the world helping the less privileged in third world countries. His first smartphone was the Galaxy S


Elvis Napton


Lives in Leicester UK. His great passion for tech will always compels him to research and write trending news stories. His first smartphone was the LG G pro


Morfaw Neville


Started following Tech news at 11 years old. His love and Passion for smart Gadget is still unmatched. He eats, sleeps, talks and dream Android. The first smartphone he ever own was the Motorola Flip out in his small home town in Buea-Cameroon