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Reports claim that Qualcomm is not having the best year yet. It has a 52% net income loss year over year in Q3.  The silicon giant is tipped to be getting ready to switch to its own in-house modems in the next two years. It will no doubt reduce Apple’s dependence on Qualcomm’s chips. According to supply chain analyst and Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo, the company is planning to use its own 5G modem chips by 2025. Moreover, the iPhone 17 or iPhone SE 4 are expected to be the first ones to boast Apple 5G Modems.

Company Plans To Use Apple 5G Modems By 2025

In some previous reports, Kuo stated that the iPhone SE 4 would be the first to have an Apple-designed 5G modem. Maybe, this is the reason why the fourth-generation SE has been delayed until 2025. However, this all relies on Apple overcoming its development challenges. It was said that Apple would make the switch in 2023, however, the company apparently failed to do so. Kuo stated in June:

“My latest survey indicates that Apple’s own iPhone 5G modem chip development may have failed, so Qualcomm will remain the exclusive supplier for 5G chips of 2H23 new iPhones,”

Based on this timeframe, the upcoming iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 will have Qualcomm chips. However, the iPhone 17 could boast Apple’s own technology. It’s no mystery that Apple had plans to ultimately move on to its own proprietary modems. For this very purpose, the Cupertino-based firm even acquired a majority of Intel’s smartphone modem business back in 2019. Let’s see which iPhone will be the first to feature an Apple modem. Do share with us in the comment section.


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