Alternatives to Kickass Torrents: The Best Sites to Download Torrent Files

Artem Vaulin, the owner of Kickasstorrent, was taken into custody with various criminal charges by the U.s. Department Of Justice in 2016. A few hours after that, the initial KAT site was shut down as well. Until recently, guests to the original website were greeted by a spooky warning.

Are Kickass torrents Available now?

A clone site has been operating since the actual KickassTorrents website was closed down many years ago. Also, the name is identical to the original Kickass Torrents, which has been around for a long time.

The Mirror Site for Kickass Torrents –



































Is the new KickassTorrents site a good place to go for torrenting? We’re not convinced. We warn against utilizing this site, even though it frequently appears on lists of the greatest torrenting sites. Downloading on this site is more difficult than it ought to be.

Installing a browser extension, for example, is required if you want a tracker from its most recent version of KAT. This addon appears to be a PDF converter, based on its name. Due to possible major security and privacy concerns, we didn’t trust or install it.

Although a trustworthy variant of Kickass Torrents is no longer available, torrenting is still possible. These days, there are several excellent torrenting alternatives to KAT. Following extensive research, we’ve selected the ten most reliable alternatives to Kickass Torrents right now.

Download legally and without risk –

You should be extremely prudent when it comes to filing sharing via torrents. Torrent downloads are not only risky, but they can also be illegal. Make sure what you’re doing on a torrent website is legal in your location before you do anything. It is against VPNOverview’s policy to support unlawful downloading.

When torrenting, be sure to use a reputable VPN service to ensure your safety. For torrenting, you may prefer the additional features offered by premium VPN companies over the free options. At the end of this post, you’ll get more information about this.

What are the Most Reliable Alternatives to Torrents Like Kickkasstorrents?

For the most part, this is a great effort to restrict the number of copyright infringements that torrenting allows. Torrents, on the other hand, have a plethora of options besides KAT.

We’ve compiled a list of the ten best torrenting sites available right now, ordered by safety and reliability. They’re all good options now that KAT isn’t working.

  • PirateBay

With tens of thousands of visitors a week, tens of millions of files in its collection, and rapid download rates, The Pirate Bay is a torrenting monster.

A unique feature of the site is that it has a devoted community that will alert you when a torrent appears to be unsafe. Additionally, the service has graphic marks that indicate whether or not a torrent is considered safe.

For those who are fed up with the lack of quality content available on the popular file-sharing site, The Pirate Bay is an excellent option. In many ways, it’s even better than the competition. Many individuals are looking for alternatives to The Pirate Bay because it has been outlawed in various jurisdictions (including its mirror sites). You can use a virtual private network (VPN) to get past your country’s restrictions and access the Pirate Bay.


Another strong contender in the field of torrenting is RARBG. There are 40 million monthly visitors to this website, which was launched in 2008.

Aside from the fact that the RARBG site looks worse than The Pirate Bay’s, it makes up for it in terms of user-friendliness. To get around RARBG, it is important to know which torrents are the most popular in various categories and the most recent news about popular digital products.

However, RARBG’s use of advertisements is a nuisance. For many, this is enough of a reason to continue with The Pirate Bay when it comes to downloading files.

  • 1337X

1337X isn’t a colossus like RARBG or The Pirate Bay. As a result of its focus on movies, television, and music, it still attracts over 50 million visitors each month.

Because of the site’s ability to search by award nomination, 1337X is a favorite choice for many users looking for this type of entertainment. Apart from that, there are no invasive advertisements on the site, and downloading files takes roughly 3-4 MB/s.

Those searching for video games may be disappointed because the 1337X collection is much less. Despite this, 1337X remains a dependable torrent client to use.

Alternatives to Kickass torrent on Private Servers?

As an alternative to traditional torrent sites, there exist private sites that operate in a somewhat different way. Not everyone will be able to access the private torrent sites’ libraries. Individuals can only access these private sites when they have been invited in and have joined as members, at which point they can see and download the content.


There’s a lot more to it than just getting in the door. By requiring users to keep a good ratio between their uploaded & downloaded content, most private torrent networks encourage an ever-expanding collection.